Dielectric Resonator Antenna E field absolute open cavity 1.8 GHz

Video animation of the absolute value of the electric field at 1.8 GHz of a cylindrical DRA placed within an open metallic cavity.

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I have actively been involved in the research, development and implementation of various RF and antenna projects targeted at the main communication bands (TETRA, GSM, WLAN) for more than half a decade. I hold strong experience with the design, simulation and fabrication of RF components including microstrip printed antennas, dielectric resonators, filters and so on. I also have competency in following a structured and organised methodology for performing microwave laboratory experiments, and I am very scholar with the use of modelling software (inc. CST and Agilent ADS), network analyzers and anechoic chambers.

I hold strong theoretical background on the underlying principles of electromagnetic, Maxwell’s equations, impedance matching, antennas and radiation, wave propagation, small and large signal circuit design, transmission lines and so on.

I work as an Electronics engineer (IT) to self-fund my Antenna and RF Engineering research works presented on my personal website (http://antenna.mppa.gr), at which I analyze simulations of microwave devices and circuits.

If you would like to approach me for employment purposes, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will provide you my full CV.

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